OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It’s a troubling trend police are noticing across Oklahoma. 

More and more guns are getting stolen out of cars, many of which are left unlocked.  

Both Oklahoma City and Stillwater police are seeing a problem with guns being stolen from vehicles.  

Just since the start of this year, Stillwater police say thieves swiped at least 29 firearms left in cars.

In fact, Stillwater police tell us most cases are happening in neighborhoods and apartment complexes because of poorly lit streets.

“It rarely happens in the business parking lots, but we’ve had those rare occurrences that they do happen in a business parking lot, and that’s usually the daytime hours. And those are where the victims are leaving their valuables in plain view, such as a purse or laptop that the suspects are able to see and break the window to get into,” said Lt. TJ Low, Stillwater Police Department.

In rare occasions, suspects are breaking car windows to get the valuables inside. 

“The duty of a responsible gun owner is obviously to keep it locked up, keep it secured if you’re going to have to leave it in a vehicle,” said Low.  

Police say to remember the serial number associated with the gun because it can possibly help police locate it.  

“As always, make a report as soon as possible. Know your gun serial number, make that report and make sure that serial number is there in the report,” said Sgt. Dillon Quirk, Assistant Public Information Officer, Oklahoma City Police Department.

Oklahoma City police are calling it a crime of opportunity if you decide to leave the gun in your car.  

“It’s always best to remove your firearm from your vehicle any time you’re going to get out of it and go inside a substantial amount of time. There are companies that make gun safes and locks for inside the vehicles if you want to leave it in your vehicle. It can be costly, but it’s always a safe option if it’s going to be left inside the vehicle there,” said Quirk.  

Police want to remind you to lock your vehicles at nighttime and secure or hide anything of value in the car properly.  

“And if they do leave something of value in their car then makes sure it’s either hidden or secured properly to where nobody can access it or break out a window to get into it,” said Low.  

And it’s not just guns thieves are after. They want anything of value.  

In Stillwater alone, police say they’ve responded to more than 171 car break-calls just this year.