OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – While many Oklahoma leaders are working to attract younger professionals to move to the Sooner State, a new study says the state may not be the best for Millennials.

Millennials are those who were born from 1981 to 1996 and have historically experienced slower economic growth than previous generations due to multiple recessions.

As inflation continues to take a toll on families across the country, Scholaroo has created a new report on the ‘Best and Worst States for Millennials.’

Researchers analyzed 52 metrics that impact the generation’s decision on where to live like cost of living, homeownership rate, unemployment rate, and median student loan debt.

The report separated the metrics across seven categories, including affordability, political and social environment, employment, quality of life, health, personal finance, and safety.

Oklahoma finished with an overall ranking of 46th.

Although the Sooner State earned 16th for affordability, it came in 49th for health and 45th for political and social environment.

Scholaroo also reports that Millennials in Oklahoma report that their mental health has worsened. In fact, they say mental distress rate has increased by 15% in Oklahoma this year compared to 2018.