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ANADARKO, Okla. (KFOR) – At least ten tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma on Sunday, and one community hit is now in clean-up mode. 

“It was like, I used to live in south Florida, it was a hurricane,” said Anadarko resident Tony Mathos, recounting the moment a tornadic storm ripped through parts of town. 

“The wind, it was hurling, it was sideways and loud, popping, everything was popping and electricity went boom,” said Mathos. 

Another resident says the rain was blinding at times. 

“I opened the door and we could all see out and it upset everybody in the shelter, it was that bad,” said Daniel Davilla. 

“I’ve been scared one more time, and this was a second, so yeah I was scared,” said Mathos. 

Monday morning after the storm passed, the sunlight revealed just how much damage was done. 

“The light has revealed a lot more damage, and I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of it,” said Davilla. 

Clean up efforts began early with city crews already hard at work overnight trying to restore power. 

“It appears they had 2-3 major poles that went down, and we can’t restore power at all until that gets put back up,” said City Manager Kenneth Corn. 

Corn says overnight crews were working to make the roads passable. 

“After the last storm that we had, my city crews sat down and we put together a game plan on how to handle these events going forward and many of those things were put in place,” said Corn. 

Luckily, no injuries were reported. 

Almost a year ago, Anadarko took the brunt of a massive ice storm. Now folks there say they’re getting used to the clean up. 

“We’ll do it. We did it in the ice storm and we’ll do it again,” said Mathos. 

Corn says if you see a downed power line, be sure and report it to the city, and stay away. 

He also says it could be a couple of days before all the tree damage is picked up.