OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Lawmakers in Oklahoma say they have passed a measure that would improve school security drills.

Senate Bill 169, authored by Sen. Todd Gollihare, would require first responders to be on scene and directly involved in at least one security drill a year.

Gollihare, (R-Kellyville), said involving the first responders, who would be part of an actual emergency, will help make the drills more effective.

“Having multiple drills is helpful, but if there was a real threat, I believe the students, teachers and administrators would be much better prepared if they have an opportunity to work with local law enforcement officers and emergency medical providers who would be on the scene, so they have a better understanding of what to expect,” Gollihare said. “You play the way you practice, and I believe including first responders will give everyone involved a much better understanding of what to expect and what they need to do if there’s a real emergency.”

SB 169 would require school districts to notify law enforcement officers and emergency medical service providers at least 48 hours before a security drill that they’re expected to attend.

The bill now heads to the Oklahoma House of Representatives.