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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma Senate committee has approved a measure that works to label religious institutions as essential organizations.

Sen. David Bullard is the principal Senate author of Senate Bill 368, also known as the Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act.

“In our Constitution, the prohibition of Congress to make laws against religious establishments is on the government to stay out of our faith. The fact that many churches, nation and statewide, were essentially and unconstitutionally shut down or threatened must be addressed and our freedoms must be protected,” Bullard said. “It is essential that we don’t allow nonessential governments to render our faith and freedom as nonessential.”  


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Senate Bill 368 prohibits any governmental entity from declaring or deeming a religious institution and any activity directly related to its mission as nonessential.

The measure also prohibits the closure of such institutions for health or security purposes if those actions are greater than what is imposed on any private entity facing the same health or security conditions.

The bill was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The measure now goes before the full Senate.