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CHOCTAW COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma sheriff has a warning for those not taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously.

“People of Choctaw County Oklahoma. If your not going to stay away from crowds. then please get yours and your kids burial policy paid up and get your heart right with God. This C19 virus isn’t going away anyway soon,” said Choctaw County Sheriff Terry Park. “Remember this if you get put in the hospital your family cant stay with you. Stop letting your young people go out to the little beer parties Im hearing about. Stop taking the whole family grocery shopping.”

Park is vocal on his Facebook page about the public following guidelines from the Centers for Disease and Control, such as social distancing.

He says a lockdown is needed in order for the public to stay home.

“Choctaw County Oklahoma. Running into your family store and other businesses with your family has to stop. Either the governor or whom ever has the power needs to lock our county/state down. You wont do it by yourself. If you must go out be wearing the mask and gloves. Its fixing to get real like we’ve never seen. If you say Im making you panic I can’t help it. This running around thinking your untouchable is over. Im not ready to die are you? Pray to God we haven’t spread it worse running in these stores by the thousands. I try to be uplifting and positive but most wont comply. You make a ridiculous statement I will block and delete you. Have a good day at home. My comments are to the people of my county. Ill not debate you over these comments either.”

In Park’s most recent post on Sunday, he says he will help the elder in need.

“The roads are a little bare this morning. If you know of an elder needing help pm me their name and address. I know Ive posted some hard comments but I hope it gets your attention in the end. Ive been told by a few people over my comments they wished I’d die with coronavirus and they were going to sue me. Love one another. Play the song ‘Lean On mMe.'”