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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma state representative released a scathing statement Thursday, commenting on vaccinating kids as the FDA and CDC eye approval for the vaccine to be given to children ages five to 11.

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Rep. Sean Roberts

Comments from Rep. Sean Roberts, R-Hominy, can be read in full below.

His main stance is against the “Biden push to vaccinate children against COVID-19.” He discussed the administration’s plans to ensure places were ready to administer the shot to children if approved. We took some of his claims on the vaccine and COVID-19 and discussed them with a physician.

“This was already studied in adults and in adolescents,” said Dr. Melinda Cail. “After millions and millions of doses given out around the world has been shown to be largely very safe and effective.”

In his statements, Roberts said the Biden administration is “colluding with the FDA and CDC” to vaccinate kids with “a vaccine that has yet to show its efficacy.”

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Dr. Melinda Cail

“The studies that Pfizer did show that two doses of their vaccine are greater than 90 percent effective at preventing serious infections, hospitalizations and deaths in children ages five to 11,” Cail said.

Roberts also listed Myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart muscle, as a side effect of the vaccine. He said it is “irresponsible to take the risk of dangerous side effects like that adversely affecting our children.”

“There were no confirmed cases in the pediatric version of this study,” Cail said. “The risk of getting myocarditis with COVID is far higher than the risk of getting it from the COVID vaccine which is less than 1 percent.”

A study from the New England Journal of Medicine states that of 2.5 million vaccinated people between the ages of 16 and older, 54 cases met the criteria for myocarditis, and most of those were mild or moderate. The full study can be seen at

Roberts also cited comorbidities. He said hundreds of kids that are listed on the CDC’s website as dying “with” COVID-19 had comorbidities on their death certificate and that “we cannot assume that COVID-19 was the ‘cause’ of death more so than any of the other comorbidities.”

“It’s a little bit tricky when you fill those out,” Cail said. “If COVID is what caused the infection or caused the lung damage then caused the death, then it is the cause of death.”

KFOR reached out to Roberts for comment. However, his assistant said he was unavailable for an on-camera interview and would only be able to answer questions through email.

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Rep. Sean Roberts’ comments against giving children the COVID-19 vaccine.

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