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STILLWATER, Okla. (KFOR) – Oklahoma State University added three courses to its online concurrent enrollment program for high school juniors and seniors.

Cowboy Concurrent Online, an online concurrent enrollment program that was launched in Fall 2020, will offer Introductory Sociology, Introduction to Speech Communication and Introduction to Staged Entertainment to its Fall 2021 courses, according to an OSU news release.

The courses are available to high school seniors and juniors in Oklahoma and throughout the nation.

The program also offers the following courses: English Composition, American History, American Government, Mathematics, Media in a Diverse Society and Introductory Psychology.

Cowboy Concurrent Online is free to Oklahoma high school seniors. Oklahoma high school juniors pay $775 per course – described as a discounted rate in the news release – and out-of-state high school juniors and seniors pay $900 per course, also described as a discounted rate.

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Oklahoma State University’s online concurrent enrollment program, Cowboy Concurrent Online, will offer three additional courses for high school juniors and seniors starting this fall. (Photo from OSU)

The program gives high schoolers the opportunity to get a jumpstart on their degree by earning college cred in general education courses.

OSU President Dr. Kayse Shrum lauded the program for increasing university access for all Oklahomans, especially rural students, who typically have fewer concurrent course options.

“After growing up in Coweta, Oklahoma, rural medicine has been a passion of mine throughout my career,” said Shrum, a doctor of osteopathic medicine and former president of the OSU Center for Health Sciences. “I’ve worked to increase opportunities for rural students to earn medical degrees, and for medical professionals to serve rural areas. I love that Cowboy Concurrent Online will help students regardless of location gain early access to higher education.”

All Cowboy Concurrent Online courses are taught completely online.

“In its first year, 769 students took classes through Cowboy Concurrent Online, including students from 59 Oklahoma counties and six states. The enthusiasm from schools and students prompted OSU to add the new courses,” the news release states.

Cowboy Concurrent Online enrollment is limited to 500 students each semester. Each class is limited to 35 students.

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