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MOORE, Okla. (KFOR) – The Moore Police Department is investigating an elementary student’s claims of harassment by a classmate.

“The principal stated there wasn’t much they can do, and that was the drawing point,” said Juanita Freeman.

Freeman and her niece’s mother filed a police report Monday after their sixth-grade student claimed she was touched inappropriately on her backside.

“He came up behind her and reached up and grabbed her on the backside and held on and squeezed,” said Freeman. “There was a witness to it, but the witness was told to stay out of it.”

According to Freeman, the physical incident was just one encounter her niece and other female students has had with the male student.

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Kelley Elementary

She claimed the same student has been sending disturbing messages to the girls since fall 2020. Freeman also told KFOR she and her sister complained to the school’s principal multiple times.

“No matter how many times we’ve gone to the principal, nothing has happened,” said Freeman. “It progressed from just regular bullying to sexual harassment. Now, we’re at the point that it’s become a sexual assault.”

One mom told KFOR off-camera, the same male sent her daughter a disturbing message on Snapchat.
She claimed he wrote things no child should be exposed to.

“He’s constantly talking about how he wants to touch them and how he’s going to hurt them and all of their friends,” the mom said.

The school district released the following statement to KFOR:

“Moore Public Schools is aware of a situation at Kelley Elementary involving allegations of harassment of a student. Administrators are working with the guardians, and it is an active investigation. It is standard practice for MPS administrators to ask students not to discuss situations being actively investigated to preserve the integrity of the investigation. All allegations of bullying or harassment are taken seriously and are thoroughly investigated by MPS administration.”


Freeman told KFOR the principal told her the student in question was moved to another classroom. She claimed this move only came after the principal knew the police were involved.

“We took it to the police,” said Freeman. “There need to be consequences. So that was the final straw for us.”