YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – Two teens helped Yukon police track down armed robbery suspects through a phone tracking app.

If not for the ‘Find My iPhone’ app, those two metro teens might still be without their cell phones.

July 11 was a terrifying day for 19-year-olds Genesis Campana and Hernan Pantoja. They were sitting at a bench at Freedom Trail Park in Yukon around 1:35 a.m. when two armed robbers approached them.

One had a handgun, and the other was wearing a Friday the 13th Jason mask and holding a crowbar.

Jason Mask and Gun

“I’ve never encountered anything like this, and it was scary,” Campana told KFOR.

The suspects took both of their iPhones and ran away. The shaken teens quickly drove to Campana’s father’s place to call 911.

“He had a gun to my head and my friend’s head, too, and the other one had a crowbar and they asked us to empty our pockets,” Campana told the 911 operator.

Hope wasn’t lost, though. Quick-thinking Campana used the Find My iPhone app on her dad’s phone to give responding officers from the Yukon Police Department an address to go and search. 

Officers showed up to a house about a mile away on Ronald St. and found the two suspects, acknowledging the value of the tracking app.

“It would have taken a lot longer. It would have made the process that much harder,” said Yukon PD Major Zach Roberson. “They were able to get confessions, cell phones, guns, and the mask, and a crowbar. Both the people that stole the cell phones were arrested. The victims got their stuff back.”

Perry Jonas Nathaniel Withey and an unnamed juvenile are now behind bars, as the two friends reflect on the life-changing night.

Perry Withey Mugshot

“I was just wishing that they would just leave us alone, that they would take whatever they wanted and just go on,” Pantoja said. “I was a little worried, a little scared. You just don’t think that you would go out to a park and that would really happen to you.”

Both suspects are facing first-degree robbery charges. The juvenile was also arrested for minor in possession of a firearm.