OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Teens are allowing their ideas to take flight this summer with a new program.

Science Museum Oklahoma’s teen apprentices have been chosen to send an experiment in space through the ‘Cubes in Space’ program.

“We are so excited that our teen apprentices have been chosen for this unique opportunity,” said Sherry Marshall, John E. Kirkpatrick President of Science Museum Oklahoma. “Science Museum Oklahoma is committed to fostering innovation and curiosity and believes that encouraging young people to develop STEM skills is crucial in today’s world.”

The group created a scientific proposal to test the effects of space radiation on electronic components within personal electronic devices.

The teens wanted to see if personal devices, like cell phones, would be able to survive a trip to space.

Under the experiment, they chose to test the ability of a light sensor and the range of a radio frequency transceiver before and after a trip to space.

“We’re passionate about empowering teens to think creatively and critically,” Rowe said. “That’s why the Cubes in Space program is such an exciting opportunity. The initiative encouraged them to think outside the box about an experiment that could tackle real-world challenges, whether they’re related to space exploration or issues closer to home.”

The experiment will launch this summer from NASA’s Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility.