SPENCER, Okla. (KFOR) – A Spencer toddler suffered severe facial injuries when he was viciously mauled by Pit bulls this past February. Now, he’s looking quite happy as he continues along the road to recovery.

The family of J.J. Rodriguez has been sharing photos and videos of J.J., documenting his recovery on their Instagram account, babyjjsjourney, which has over 202,000 followers.

In many of the photos and videos, J.J. is happy, showing a bright, beautiful smile.

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J.J. Rodriguez, image used with permission from his family.

J.J. has gone through extensive surgical work to repair the massive facial damage he suffered.

He was playing outside with his three older sisters on Feb. 20 when a handful of the neighbor’s Pitbull’s ran over and attacked the toddler, leaving him in critical condition, disfigured, with gruesome injuries on his head and face.

“They tore his face off, they scalped him. He can’t breathe on his own,” Delfina Wright, J.J.’s grandmother, told KFOR after the attack.

Doctors surgically implanted bars and a brace in J.J.’s jaw, as well as a plate in his nose.

J.J.’s family said he has a big upcoming surgery, in which doctors will remove the bars, brace and plate, and perform laser scar reduction therapy. They will also perform an invasive eye examination of the orbital floor and debride his head wound.