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McLOUD, Okla. (KFOR) – It was a dream turned into reality for McLoud native Bryan Stanley. 

“That was his dream was to raise animals, have animals, butcher them out … he wanted to farm,” said Bryan’s brother-in-law, Dustin Greenberg. 

That dream now burned to ash. 

Greenberg says Stanley came home from work around midnight Wednesday to his home and farm up in flames. 

“He works hard for his stuff and was very proud of what he has here now,” said his sister Jolene Greenberg. 

With the help of his family, Stanley built his own farm. 

Chickens, roosters, pigs, cows, all of them his. 

At the time of the fire, he had around 170 animals inside his home, most of them chicks in incubators. 

“The babies- the ones he was incubating… all the animals he had in the house are gone, they’ve perished,” said Dustin. 

His family says Dustin served 4 years overseas in Iraq and Kuwait. 

He just got home a few months ago. 

“Stuff that he has worked for so hard, and to come home to, after being gone for four years gone … in 4 months of him being home,” said Jolene. 

The McLoud Fire Department was able to pull some of his military awards from the rubble, but that was it. 

“His American flag was destroyed all his military clothing, suits, all gone,” said Jolene. “He’s gonna have to start from scratch. He has nothing but the clothes he has on.”

Now, their only option, is to try and rebuild. 

“For a young man, for what he’s done for the country and what he’s done, yeah it’s pretty hard for him right now,” said Dustin. 

“It may be a struggle every day for a while, but we’ll make it,” said Jolene. 

They’ve started a fundraiser to help, you can donate here.

The fire department did not release an official cause, but the family says it could have been one of the incubators.