GARFIELD COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A Garfield County woman is facing charges for allegedly attacking her neighbor with a clothing iron.

On the evening of Jan. 4, the Enid Police Department was called to an apartment building on the 200 block of South 20th Street because a woman reported that a man in the building had an arrest warrant and wanted to turn himself in.

When officers arrived at the apartment of the woman that called, they heard two females inside yelling. They knocked on the door.

Then, the woman who had called them unlocked the door and ran out of the door holding her neck. About this time, police reported hearing what sounded like flesh being smacked.

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Rebecca Sue Lucius

The injured woman told police that when they knocked, Rebecca Sue Lucius sprayed her in the face with Lysol and attacked her with an iron.

“The victim reported she had been struck several times on the back of the head and neck with the iron,” said Cass Rains, Enid PD spokesman. “She had suffered some bruising and a small cut to the back of her head and neck.”

The victim told police Lucius came over to her apartment expressing concern about one of their mutual neighbors, who had an arrest warrant and wanted to turn himself in.

The victim then called 911 to report him, but said when police arrived at the door, Lucius snapped and hit her with the iron three times.

“During the investigation of the incident, we learned that the assailant was concerned about the man that had the arrest warrant and feared that the victim was going to help him evade arrest,” said Rains.

Lucius locked herself in the apartment after the victim ran outside to the safety of police.

Through a window, an officer reported seeing Lucius being destructive, pounding the wall above the stove with the iron and removing large chunks of dry wall.

Eventually she came outside, put down the iron and was arrested.

Lucius is being charged with felony assault and battery with a deadly weapon.