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MOORE, Okla. (KFOR) – A Moore woman claims she’s been scammed out of thousands of dollars by a local construction company. She told KFOR she hired someone last year to come and put new windows into her home, but the work hasn’t been done and hasn’t heard from the company in months. 

Janet Wills said she asked for help on the Nextdoor app asking for someone to install new windows in her home.  

She decided to go with a company called Love It Construction, LLC owned by a man named Anthony Flores. Since she’s paid him, there’s been no work done on the windows. 

“I gave him $1,000 right then, and then a couple of weeks later I gave him another $1,750. And during that time I had purchased a screen door, a front screen door from Home Depot, and he said he would send somebody out to hang it for me. And I said, okay, so he did that,” said Janet Wills, allegedly scammed out of thousands of dollars.  

Janet Wills said she met the owner Anthony Flores when he came over to give an estimate. 

But that’s the last time she ever saw him and said she hasn’t heard from him since August of last year. 

“I had five or six people come out and give me estimates and this guy was, of course, cheaper than everyone else. But he was not a lot, though, not enough to scare me,” said Wills.  

A receipt shows she paid him $1,000 for materials and then another $1,750 Venmo payment for other products. That’s a total of $2,750.  

“He told me it would be 16 weeks. And that’s, almost four months. I just didn’t think anything of it. I’m just waiting for windows to come in… it’s been a long time. We’re about 21 weeks now and nothing,” said Wills.  

KFOR called Anthony Flores. He said no to an interview but told us his lawyer said not to speak with us. 

“He told me not to talk to you,” said Anthoy Flores.  

We asked Anthony if we could reach out to his lawyer. He wouldn’t give us a name and said the lawyer would reach out to us. We gave the lawyer weeks to contact us, but we never heard back. 

When asked if the company is bankrupt, Flores said, “Yeah, I’m letting him (the lawyer) deal with all that.” 

Anthony Flores also told KFOR he plans to pay her back all the money by the end of February.  

“We are getting her taken care of for sure. She’s going to get her money back on that,” said Flores. 

Janet Wills also told KFOR she filed a claim with AG’s office. They reviewed it and forwarded the complaint to Love It Construction, LLC to hopefully resolve the issue.  

The AG’s office also said if the company does not respond or submits a response that is unacceptable to her, they will consider whether a formal investigation or other action is warranted.