TULSA, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma woman who was charged with attacking her father, who is also the Tulsa County district attorney, was found not guilty by reason of mental illness.

Jennifer Kunzweiler was charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon, and threatening a violent act.

In September of 2022, Tulsa police say they received a 911 call from Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler himself, saying his daughter stabbed him multiple times.

According to the police report, Kunzweiler told investigators that his daughter had suffered from a mental illness for years and had recently said she had “dark thoughts.”

The day of the attack, the victim said he was mowing the yard when his daughter came up to him and said she needed to kill him, the affidavit reads.

“Jennifer had a large knife in her hand and proceeded to stab the victim in the ribs and upper portion of the right arm. A struggle ensued and the victim was able to disarm Jennifer,” the report states.

Kunzweiler was rushed to the hospital and treated for his injuries.

Jennifer Kunzweiler was also treated for self-inflicted cuts.

On Friday, a judge ruled that Jennifer Kunzweiler was not guilty by reason of mental illness.

KJRH reports that she will remain in state custody before being transferred to a mental health facility.