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UPDATE: MONDAY 1/30/2023

The family tells KFOR that all the work has been completed on the home and she (Becky Sears) is very pleased. 

Sears wanted to thank Mr. Deford from All Around Mobile Home Services from Bridge Creek who repaired her door. She also wanted to thank the team from Mr. Electric out of Tulsa for the other repairs to the lighting and breaker box work. 

However, she had to pay the $50. The family told KFOR, However, she had to pay the $450. 


The family told KFOR the electrical and lighting work was completed Tuesday and they will come back Monday to address the door issues. The washer and dryer have not been hooked up still, the family said they are buying cords to run the drier.

We reached out to Tiny House Outlet of OKC again, the general manager told us, “We had an electrical contractor go to the property on 1-17-23 to fix the lights and other electrical issues. That has been resolved. We also have a contractor scheduled to meet with Mrs. Sears for Monday 1-23-23 to work on the door and advise on the other issues. I will talk with Mrs. Sears after her appointment and follow up with you after all of her concerns have been addressed,” said Richard Bell, general manager of Tiny House Outlet of OKC.

KFOR asked to see the contract/agreement paperwork again, he has not responded to that question.


TUTTLE, Okla. (KFOR) – They say retirement should be the reward for a lifetime of work, but for one Oklahoma woman, she says it isn’t all that it is cracked up to be.

That’s after she says she bought a tiny house from a mobile home dealer in Oklahoma City.

Since the purchase, she said there have been never-ending problems and the company isn’t doing their part to fix it.  

“They haven’t returned our calls or anything to get it done… All through this process, it’s been “every two weeks, every two weeks.” So that’s our motto, “every two weeks,” said Becky Sears.

Becky Sears bought the mobile home back in September from Tiny House Outlet of OKC. 

She said they’ve had issues with lights and outlets not working, as well as a gap in between the front door.   

“You can tell when I close it, you can see outside and then it doesn’t shut. The other day, my granddaughter was looking through the crack and you can see outside,” said Sears. 

There are also exposed wires behind the breaker box.

But a bigger problem for the retired grandmother; the washer and dryer. She says both are still not hooked up after they have been sitting there for months. 

“One of the main things is the washer and dryer, which we argued and argued even to get where we’re at on it. But they didn’t wire it to the breaker box. So, I don’t feel like I need to hire an electrician to do what they needed to do… That was included [in the contract],” said Sears.  

Becky’s son, Matt Stockman, said everything’s been paid for in full.  

“It was all in cash price, everything done for the agreed upon amount while the purchase went through. She paid the cash price for the agreed amount after she sold her home,” said Matt Stockman.  

However, they say the contractor has been over before. 

“We would try to talk to her and tell her what needed to be done. And she would say, ‘Well, this wasn’t a part of what I was doing. You know, this isn’t what’s on my work order.’ And so, it’s just been one issue like that after another. Now they’re to the point where they’re not returning calls, they’re not answering calls,” said Stockman.  

To top it all off, Becky was charged $450 to deliver the home but claims that was never agreed upon.  

“On the contract, it never said I was going to have to come up with $450,” said Sears.  

“That was when they delivered the home, there was this $450 that popped up after the agreement. It said that the delivery and setup was included,” said Stockman. 

On Monday, KFOR confronted Tiny House Outlet of OKC.

The general manager, Richard Bell, told us Becky agreed to pay the $450, and they will not refund her because it wasn’t a part of their contract. Instead, they say it was through the company that delivered it.  

He also says besides the $450, these are all fixable issues and they will send a licensed contractor out to the home as soon as possible.  

We also asked Tiny House Outlet of OKC to look at those contracts and agreements. The general manager told us he would have to check with his boss, but they haven’t gotten back to us yet.