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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City metro woman is considering legal action against the homeowners association after she says her dream home is in jeopardy thanks to unrepaired erosion. 

Stephanie Lee told KFOR the retaining wall behind her Greenbriar Pointe home hasn’t been fixed in a year. 

“Since then, nothing has been done, and now the erosion has worked so far back it has crossed my fence line, and it is now in my backyard,” said Lee. 

Lee is afraid to allow her kids and dogs to play in the backyard unsupervised because she thinks the ground will collapse.

She said water runoffs surrounding her home feed into the drainage canal behind her home. Lee believes excessive rain and runoffs are causing the wall to crumble. 

“Every time it rains, more of the dirt washed out from where the collapse is,” said Lee.

Lee told KFOR she contacted the City of Oklahoma but was told it’s the homeowners association’s problem. 

For the past year, she has spoken with the president of HOA about the erosion, but there hasn’t been much progress.

“I understand that the Homeowners Association is volunteers that live here in the neighborhood, but once it crossed in my background, you know mama bear came out because my kids aren’t even safe to play in our own backyard,” said Lee. 

KFOR reached out to the president of HOA for a comment and was sent this statement: 

“The Greenbriar Pointe Homeowners Association is aware of the situation and is working on a solution.  Unfortunately, we do not currently have the funds to make repairs and have received no assistance from surrounding property owners.”

John Stimson, President of Greenbriar Pointe Homeowners Association

But for Lee, she said she’s done being patient. She wants to live comfortably. 

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“I’ve been paying hundreds of hundreds of dollars in HOA fees,” said Lee. “And I have been patient and waited for them to take care of their responsibility, but now I’m just mad because it doesn’t seem like they are going to.”

Lee told KFOR she’s considering legal action if the problem doesn’t get fixed but wants to avoid doing so.