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WARR ACRES, Okla. (KFOR) – A Warr Acres woman filed a lawsuit against the Warr Acres Police Department, the City of Warr Acres and a Warr Acres PD officer on Monday for allegedly assaulting her and her son while responding to a call for medical assistance at her home.

The woman is seeking $75,000 in punitive damages after “suffering actual physical injuries, mental and physical pain and suffering, embarrassment and humiliation and other damages and losses” following an alleged incident that happened back on March 22.

She claims her son was having an epileptic episode, so the family called 911 for medical assistance.

The lawsuit reads, “At no time had any call been made to Warr Acres dispatch requesting the presence of the Warr Acres Police Department for any disturbances or threatening situations.”

When police arrived, “the family was anxiously assessing the situation,” the lawsuit says.

One of the officers allegedly “began to antagonize the family,” specifically the boy’s mom, “who was extremely concerned for the wellbeing of her son.”

After the officer allegedly “began to threaten her that he would arrest her if she continued to talk back to him,” she walked back into her house. The officer then allegedly “barges into the residence and tackles her.”

The lawsuit continues, “as she attempts to get up,” the officer “punches her in the forehead causing a bloody gash and wrestles her to the ground.”

Then, according to the lawsuit, her son “began to come to from his epileptic episode” and “sees men assaulting his mother and tries to help her.”

The lawsuit alleges the officer “punches him in the face” as well and “deploys his taser” on him. The other officers then allegedly began “hitting him all over the body with their fists and a blunt object, doing serious beating.”

According to the lawsuit, neither the woman or her son were arrested “at the conclusion of these tragic events.”

The woman had to have stitches on the gash on her forehead. She spoke with News 4 off camera Wednesday and showed our crew the deep scar.

We left a message with the Warr Acres police chief for comment, also hoping to get a copy of the police report. He has not returned our calls.