OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The funeral for the woman in Oklahoma who was raffling her car off to one lucky person who attended her funeral took place this morning, with a turnout the family did not expect. 

Diane Lynn Sweeny’s last wish was to give her 2016 Volkswagen Beetle to someone who attended her funeral. It didn’t matter if you knew her or not, everyone was invited.

So, several people who didn’t even know Diane showed up today, making this a special moment for the family.  

“This is not a somber event; this is a celebration. This is how Diane would have intended it. You all are part of making her dream and wish come true. So is mine, God Bless you all,” said Ricky Ingram, nephew of late Diane Sweeney. 

Ingram says it was very important that this event was not reflected in somber light, but rather a celebration of her life. 

“That gave me peace to know that I was fulfilling Diane’s wishes and intent… Past family funerals, it was very limited. I thank everybody who got who is spreading her word through this great state,” said Ingram.  

The seats were full this morning with friends, family and people the family didn’t recognize.

Ingram says there were several people he did not know who showed up this morning, which is exactly how Diane would have wanted it. 

“Diane’s words in life and purpose was at the forefront of it. It was represented in the turn out today. I couldn’t be more excited, but this day is about her, and I know she would be thrilled,” said Ingram.  

The goal was to spread the Gospel, hope and positive messages to people who maybe needed to hear that today.  

“I just think her mission in life to the help of others will reach somebody in need of that message of hope and positivity,” said Ingram.  

Resthaven Funeral Home got all employees on deck to support the family and ultimately honor Diane’s final wish. 

“People came and they heard the news and wanted to help honor her life. I think at some point it became not as much about the car and just a story that touched their hearts and they really wanted to come and honor her life. And I know it means the world to the family,” said Shelby Wallis, funeral director at Resthaven Funeral Home, Cemetery & Cremation. 

Should anything come in the way when the estate settles, Ricky Ingram will personally buy a like item, make, year and model to see Diane’s wish through all the way.   

Resthaven Funeral Home will update Diane Sweeney’s tribute page online once the winner is announced.