TULSA, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma woman’s recent project will soon be in the presence of royalty.

Devida Bushrod was born in Hampshire, England but now lives in Tulsa with her family.

Bushrod decided to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by making an intricate quilt of Queen Elizabeth.

Devida Bushrod Credit: Devida Bushrod

“I wanted to do something different and because quilts are my thing, I figured making a special quilt of the Queen would be a good way to go!” she said.

She spent 110 hours and used over 2,700 pieces of fabric to create the masterpiece. It is 54″ wide by 72″ long and features 13 different colors.

After finishing the quilt, she decided to make the earring and the crown stand out by sewing 2,500 gold beads onto the quilt by hand.

Credit: Devida Bushrod

After completing the project, she learned that royal protocol prevents the Queen from accepting unsolicited gifts.

Bushrod sent a letter to the palace in May, along with photographs of the quilt.

To her surprise, she received a letter back.

Credit: Devida Bushrod

“As soon as I saw the Royal crest, I knew it was from the Palace and my heart just skipped a beat!” she said.

The letter was from Mary Morrison, the Queen’s Lady in Waiting. It told Bushrod to send the quilt to the Queen and gave instructions on how it should be sent.

Bushrod says the quilt will be on display at The Quilting Studio and Fabric Mercantile in Tulsa until Saturday, July 23. After that, it will be packaged and sent to the palace.

“This is probably the most unique quilt I have made and I am pretty overwhelmed that the Palace even wrote back to me, let alone wants the quilt! I am excited to see where it end up!’