OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A humorous last wish for an Oklahoma woman who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. 

Maybe one of the most unique funerals you can attend. Everyone who attends Diane Sweeney’s funeral next Friday will have the chance to win her 2016 hard-top Volkswagen Beetle.

Car giveaway by showing up to a funeral
Everyone who attends Diane Sweeney’s funeral next Friday will have the chance to win her 2016 Volkswagen Beetle.

“They said, ‘This is going to sound crazy, but can we do it?’ Funeral personalization is so special and it’s not every day that you get such a unique wish… Death is devastating and it’s hard. So, when you have a family like this and they have so much faith that they can see the need to celebrate her life and celebrate the fact that she’s in heaven, is amazing, said Shelby Wallis, funeral director at Resthaven Funeral Home, Cemetery & Cremation. 

The family of late Diane Sweeney tells KFOR she always had a sense of humor, and even in death, she’s hoping to make someone smile.

“My Aunt Diane, she was one of the most generous people that you would ever meet. She loved her family, she loved listening to James Taylor and Carole King, and she loved her VW Bug,” said Suzanne Singleterry, niece of late Diane Sweeney.  

Diane Sweeney was always reminding her loved ones that she would like to give away her car when she dies. 

“She had actually talked about it for many years. ‘When I pass away, I’d like you to raffle up my car at the funeral, must be present to win.’ Of course, lawyers tell us we can’t do that, but we are making do. We’re happy to see that her wishes are being fulfilled,” said Singleterry.

The family will go above and beyond to make sure her wish comes true. 

“When the estate settles, at which point we’ll sign over the title, should anything come in the way, I will personally buy a like item, make, year and model and we will see her wish through 100%,” said Ricky Ingram, nephew of late Diane Sweeney. 

Anyone and everyone, whether you knew Diane or not, has the opportunity to win her car she loved so much simply for showing up to her funeral.  

“I think she would like it open to anyone and everyone to come and celebrate her life, her experiences. Again, she was just such a generous soul,” said Singleterry.

“It doesn’t matter if you knew Diane or not, if you’re here for the car or not, there’s a divine story to her life, and her final wish was exactly that,” said Ingram.

The funeral home prepared to fill every seat and more for the possible big attendance next week…   

“As far as preparation goes. You know, we all hope that everyone comes to her service because that was exactly what she wanted and the primary intent behind this. So, of course, we can prepare, and prepare, and prepare, but, nothing will tell us until the day of the service whether there is going to be 350 people or a thousand people. We’ve talked logistics as far as having screens and things in several other places set up. If there were so many people here that we had no idea what to do, that would be the absolute perfect scenario. So what, however that may happen we will be prepared for it and we are just so excited for them,” said Wallis.

The funeral will be held July 22nd at Resthaven Funeral Home, Cemetery & Cremation located at 500 SW 104th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73139. It begins at 10 a.m. and you must be present to win.

Resthaven Funeral Home will update Diane Sweeney’s tribute page online once the winner is announced.