OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma woman’s quest to find her biological mother has spread worldwide. 

Kristy Sinsara Hudson, a successful songwriter, spent most of her life in Moore, Oklahoma.

Her adoptive parents were stationed at Tinker Air Force Base.

“Who am I at the core of me? I’m a writer, for sure,” said Hudson. 

But now, Hudson is composing a chapter in her own story.

“I’ve been trying to figure out the pieces of my adoption for, I mean, my entire life.”

It was 1975  when Hudson was adopted in Thailand. Her adoptive mom and dad were stationed in Guam.

Hudson’s adoptive parents. Credit: Kristy Sinsara Hudson

“They found out that there was a little orphanage, kind of like a home in Bangkok,” said Hudson. “So, they took a military hopper over there and found me and decided that they wanted to adopt me.”

“I never had any physical paperwork or anything. But other than [a] picture.” 

For two decades, the picture of Hudson’s mother signing adoption papers was all she had in her possession until last summer. 

Kristy’s biological mother signing adoption papers. Credit: Kristy Sinsara Hudson

Kristy’s parents stumbled on an empty box with her birth certificate in the attic.

It was printed in Thai. 

“I didn’t know what to do. So I just went to Tana Thai, which is my favorite Thai restaurant,” said Hudson. “I walked in and asked him if there was any chance they could translate this information for me.” 

Hudson told KFOR the owner of Tana Thai called her family members in Thailand for help. That’s when Hudson’s story spread like wildfire. 

Friends shared it with a Thailand journalist and, eventually, a government official.  

“Then, suddenly, out of the blue, this official from Thailand emailed me and said, Hey, we got a copy of your birth certificate, and we would like to help you find your mother,” said Hudson. 

And help came swiftly.

The story of an Oklahoma woman searching for her mother hit the airwaves in Thailand, bringing hundreds of thousands of views and people trying to help.

“I’m just thinking there are hundreds of thousands of children all over this planet who are looking for their parents. Why me?” asked Hudson. “Even though I’ve grown up feeling grateful that I was adopted and stuff, I’ve always also just felt a little out of place.”

“Maybe what I’m looking for is to feel like I have found my place. I don’t know.”

So far, Hudson has found out more information about her birth father. He was an American soldier.

She also knows she has a brother.

Thai officials are still helping her find him and her biological mother.