OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Shoppers across the metro are enjoying the annual tax-free weekend. It kicked off Friday morning. It will apply if you buy wedding apparel, but not if you buy school supplies.

Items that are exempt from the state sales tax include clothing and footwear under $100, but if you’re looking to save money on back-to-school supplies, you’ll need to find those deals yourself because they are not included in tax-free weekend.

Academy Sports and Outdoors in Midwest City tells us it’s been a busy Friday. They’re seeing tons of shoppers spending money on their kids before they head back to school. 

“A lot of hot deals here right now. So, they’re able to come in and get everything that they need in backpacks, lunch kits, clothes, shoes, socks, all at a discounted rate. So, it’s really working out well for our community,” said Zach Fuller, Sales Manager, Academy Sports and Outdoor in Midwest City.

One mother is spending money on shoes and clothes for her son before he returns to the classroom.  

“It helps families and helps us save a little bit of taxes and save a little bit of money. And we’re able to buy a little bit more than maybe we wouldn’t before,” said Tara Geist, tax-free weekend shopper. 

Another parent is looking forward to spoiling his kids this weekend.  

“It saves the hard-earned money that I am not having to spend, I get to save some, and save for their school and save for their future. It’s a lot of money in my pocket, not having to spend that much,” said Nathan Chamer, tax-free weekend shopper. 

Even though tax free weekend doesn’t apply to school supplies, Sam’s Club members in Oklahoma City can expect to save anywhere from 30 to 45 percent on most items starting Saturday, August 6 through Wednesday, August 10.  

“We have planned for these big moments during the year like back to school where we know families are going to be spending on things like apparel and groceries, and investing in big ticket items like electronics,” said Katelynn Gorton, Sam’s Club spokesperson.

Sam’s Club will have nearly 100 items on sale for students heading back to school and college, including quality tech items.    

“This savings event is especially good news for shoppers who plan to take advantage of tax-free weekend. We know those savings add up quickly, putting more money back into consumers’ pockets, giving them a head start on the new school year,” said Gorton.

If you prefer to shop from the comfort of your couch, online purchases are included in the tax-free weekend.

Not to be alarmed at checkout, but only state sales tax is exempt. You will still have to pay any city or local sales tax.