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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It’s nationwide issue that has thousands heated. 

“It’s people getting taken advantage of by the big guy,” said Janine Pittman who lives in Noble County. 

Pittman along with thousands of others say their Samsung fridges have failed. 

“The cost of these refrigerators… it should work. It should work past three years,” said Pittman. 

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A Samsung refrigerator in Janine Pittman’s home that is having major issues.

Just three years after purchasing her fridge, she says her ice maker stopped working. 

“This is a design flaw; this is not just oh my ice maker quit, I need a new whatever, we’ll just replace that… this isn’t that,” said Pittman. 

In some cases, she says water was pouring out. 

“Once a month, I would take a gallon of water with a turkey baster out from under my deli drawer, because I tried it with towels it took too many towels,” she said. 

It’s a similar problem for another Oklahoman, Richard. 

His food has spoiled after cycles of defrosting and freezing. 

“It’s just bad. The milk, the eggs, cheese… mold on cheese. It’s an anti-humidity compartment that doesn’t work,” said Richard. 

They’re far from alone. 

A 2017 class action lawsuit details similar issues. 

A Facebook group with over 42,000 members is demanding Samsung do something. 

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The icemaker on Pittman’s Samsung refrigerator.

Tom O’Shea lives in Columbus and helps moderate the group. 

“I was watching all the stories as the group grew, I’m going to make videos on YouTube to help those timid individuals,” said O’Shea. 

After dealing with problems of his own, he’s now coaching others on how to deal with this. 

“I’m not going away. I tell people ‘don’t quit, it’s your money, go get your money,'” said O’Shea. 

Since he began helping in the group two years ago, he’s been keeping tabs on refunds. 

“We’re up to $5,640,000 dollars back in refunds, exchanges, canceled orders and damages to houses,” he said. 

They’re not finished yet. 

The group’s goal is to get these refrigerators recalled, or at the very least, get consumers their money back. 

“You feel like a second-class citizen to them,” said Richard. 

“This isn’t just a refrigerator we’re talking… it comes down to beyond that… we’re talking people’s health and safety,” added Pittman.

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Parts of Pittman’s Samsung refrigerator became rusted.

We reached out to Samsung Tuesday morning and have not yet heard back. 

Pittman filed with small claims court in Noble County but says she was told the statute of limitations had run out. 

“My question is, but how can the statute of limitations run out on a design defect?” she asked. 

O’Shea says if you are having issues, document everything and file.