OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A local organization is asking Oklahomans to go out and support local businesses this weekend.

The Weekend of Local, which is set for July 15 through July 17, is asking customers to shop and eat locally all weekend long to help alleviate the hardships that small businesses have experienced over the last few years.

“Our local shops and restaurants have been through a lot these past few years,” said Cléo Nash, Executive Director of Independent Shopkeepers Association. “We wanted to dedicate a weekend for everyone in our state to go out and show our local businesses how much they are appreciated and valued. We hope everyone joins in as we celebrate our small businesses and show them the support they deserve.”

Throughout the weekend, customers are encouraged to celebrate the role shops and restaurants play in making Oklahoma a better place to live.

“We all know how big of a financial impact shopping and eating local has on our communities,” said Nash. “Just imagine if for a whole weekend, everyone in Oklahoma only spent money at locally-owned businesses. It would not only help these small business owners make up for the losses they experienced, but it would directly benefit our cities and towns. If any state in the country can take on this challenge, it’s Oklahoma.”

More than 250 small businesses statewide have signed up to participate in the festivities and will offer special incentives.

A directory of participating businesses, along with a map and list of happenings, is available at weekendoflocal.com.