HENRYETTA, Okla. (KFOR) – Seven bodies were found on a registered sex offender’s residence Monday afternoon in Okmulgee County.

On Wednesday, investigators officially identified all of those found included a convicted sex offender, his wife, her children, and two other teenagers.

Images of six murder victims in Henryetta
Henryetta Victims: Brittany Brewer (16), Ivy Webster (14), Tiffany Guess (13), Michael Mayo (15), Rylee Allen (17), Holly Guess (35).
  • Authorities searched a rural property near the town of Henryetta, Oklahoma on Monday, May 1, 2023 where they say seven bodies were found while they searched for two teenagers reported missing. (KFOR)
  • Ivy Webster
  • Brittany Brewer
  • Memorial for Henryetta victims
  • While searching for two teenagers reported missing on Monday, May 1, 2023, authorities in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma say they found seven bodies on a rural property, seen here, in Henryetta. (KFOR)
  • (L-R) Tiffany Guess, Michael Mayo and Rylee Elizabeth Allen

Officials say convicted rapist, Jesse McFadden murdered all six and then killed himself.

Jesse McFadden. Image provided by Okmulgee County Sheriff

“Part of the problem that the community suffers with something like this is everybody wants to understand why. And like I said before, normal people can’t understand why. People that perpetrate crimes like this are evil and normal folks like us can’t understand why they do that,” said Okmulgee Police Chief, Joe Prentice

Investigators say a preliminary medical examiner’s report indicates that Ivy, Brittany, and Rylee were shot once in the head.

Tiffany and Michael were shot twice in the head and Holly, the mother, was shot three times in the head. Jesse McFadden was found with one gunshot wound to the head.

Officials say Ivy, Rylee, and Brittany were found about 150 yards from each other.

McFadden, Holly, Tiffany, and Michael were found about 500 yards from the other victims.

Brittany and Ivy were friends with Tiffany and were at the family’s home to spend the night on Saturday. When they did not return home on Sunday that is when their parents reported them missing. The missing endangered alert went out Monday morning.

The weapon used in the murders was a 9mm and it was purchased by Holly McFadden in January 2022.

The McFaddens were renting the home where the crime scene is located.

Investigators say there is no evidence that any 9-1-1 calls were made.

There is no timeline when the final and official medical examiner’s report will be released.