OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Old Paris Flea Market management has decided to shut down outdoor dog vendors for the time being.

On June 27, the City of Oklahoma City discussed the allegations of sick dogs sold at the market, and ultimately decided not to fine the sellers or the property.

Old Paris indoor dog vendor Deuce Ranch LLC Broker, Donnie Grenier told KFOR he couldn’t believe what the flea market’s outdoor vendors got away with and that the market’s management allowed it to happen.

However, a customer of Deuce Ranch LLC’s who was not available for interview told News 4 via Facebook messenger that she had purchased a sick dog mid-June.

Two days after buying the dog, the owner said it was “very weak, couldn’t walk, it was horrible.”

The dog was taken to a veterinarian clinic in which she was told the dog had contracted coccidia. It was hospitalized for two days.

According to Rock Knoll Animal Hospital veterinarian, Dr. Sherrie Payne, coccidia is an intestinal parasite that gets into the small intestine and kills the lining of it.

Coccidia is known to show symptoms of extreme yellowish diarrhea and dehydration.

The owner did contact an employee of Deuce Ranch LLC, Tiffany Harvey in regards to her new pup contracting the disease.

“Coccidia doesn’t require to be in the hospital,” a text from Harvey to this concerned owner read.

Harvey also told the owner to “make sure she gets plenty of water and food all the time.”

When Grenier was asked if the dogs his business sells commonly have coccidia, he said, “If a puppy goes through a stress, they can get coccidia. It’s real easy to carry.”

Because Garnier crosses state lines with the dogs in a trailer, he said that stress is what leads to the disease.

Dr. Payne said that’s not true though.

“It is contracted from the environment. It’s a poop to mouth transmission. Dogs come across it, get it on their paws, and what do dogs lick? Their paws,” added Dr. Payne.

Dr. Payne said Rock Knoll treats 10 coccidia dogs on average every week.

The cost to treat the disease with her clinic is about $100-$125.

“It can be a deadly disease on the young from the dehydration and then they’re having diarrhea so they lose weight. They can’t gain weight because of the diarrhea from it and it’s a fast transitioning thing,” said Dr. Payne.

Grenier said Deuce Ranch LLC will pay for all vet bills associated with coccidia though. They will also take the dog back in and “replace” it with a new one.

Grenier also presents the customer with the option of refunding a portion of what the dog cost back.

The initial cost of Deuce Ranch LLC’s dogs are upwards of $10,000.

This one customer complaint isn’t Grenier’s first though as Deuce Ranch LLC has six complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau.

Those six complaints have been within the last three years, four of which were resolved in the last year.

Deuce Ranch LLC has also been named as a “repeat offender” on the U.S. Humane Society’s 2022 Horrible Hundred list for puppy mills and sellers.

The U.S. Humane Society’s 2022 Horrible Hundred list in which Duece Ranch LLC is named a repeat offender.

Grenier said he has never been found in violation though. He plans to call the U.S. Humane Society and request it be taken down.

Grenier claims to have all dogs updated on vaccines and a healthy environment. He is also USDA Animal Welfare certified.

If his name and business is not taken down, Grenier plans to sue the U.S. Humane Society.

News 4 has reached out to the U.S. Humane Society as well as the Old Paris Flea Market property manager, but neither have replied.