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OKLAHOMA (KFOR) – If you are one of the 400,377 Oklahomans with a medical marijuana license, please read this story carefully. The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority has recalled some products because of testing violations.

The department completed several inspections at Scale Laboratories in Oklahoma City and realized that the testing lab did not accurately report results.

The news is not surprising to local dispensary owner, Shaun Branch.  

Branch owns the Eden Rose Dispensary. He told KFOR he doesn’t use Scale Laboratories, but told us how improper testing could affect the quality of Oklahomans’ lives.

“Finally, something’s getting exposed,” said Branch. “There are people that need this medication, and there are people who really depend on us not to shake or walk.” 

OMMA inspections at Scale Laboratories found alleged testing violations that posed a threat to citizens last month.

The lab reported passing test results for 100 samples, but failed several tests for yeast and mold, E. Coli, and Salmonella.

The OMMA notified 33 businesses of the recall, letting them know about testing on the 99 products.

Dispensaries are required to contact patients affected by the recall, but patients with questions about the recall should contact their dispensary.

OMMA released the following statement to KFOR about how patients should report their concerns: 

“Patients can ask their dispensary if the dispensary is involved in the recall. If a patient bought a product included, they should ask the dispensary about their recall procedures and how to return the product.

Dispensaries should know what products they’ve bought and sold and are required to keep the safety and potency test results for all products (and make those test results available to patients).

The labels on medical marijuana product packaging are also required to show potency information, strain, product batch number, and other information. Patients can check the strain and batch number on the recall list and compare them to their product labels.”

Porsha Riley | Public Information Officer
Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority | Oklahoma State Department of Health

The accusations prompted an emergency order from the Oklahoma State Commissioner of Health. 

View a complete list of the recalled products here.