OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – One person has been arrested after a shootout at a southwest Oklahoma City bar left multiple people dead and wounded Saturday night.

Oklahoma City Police Department’s public information officer M.Sgt. Gary Knight said it was a gunfight between rival biker gangs.

The owner of the bar told KFOR off camera that she was still mentally shaken up from what took place.

She called it a massacre after three people were killed and three others wounded at the Whiskey Barrel Saloon.

Bullet holes covered the inside of the bar just a couple days after the incident.

“When officers arrived, they were confronted with multiple shooting victims,” Knight said. “Turns out three of them ended up succumbing to their injuries and the other three who were wounded went to area hospitals.”

Knight said it all started as an altercation between rival biker gangs. That’s when multiple people started shooting guns at one another.

“Rough part of town,” said Harold Bennett, a business owner next door.

The owner of the bar said she was inside playing pool when it happened, and she had to hit the floor before getting out through a nearby door.

“This stuff seems to happen after hours. So far it hasn’t bothered us at all,” Bennett said. “A very rough part of town and a lot of rough customers looks like.”

One of the three people wounded, 34-year-old Tyler Myers, was arrested on a complaint of first degree murder.

Tyler Myers. Image courtesy Oklahoma County Detention Center.

The other two wounded were 35-year-old Felicia Wallace and 36-year-old Clayton Owens.

Two of the three killed were 38-year-old Francisco Tanajara and 29-year-old Eric Oberholtzer. The third victim that was killed has not been positively identified yet.

“We believe there’s several other people involved,” Knight said. “This was a huge scene for investigators, have to work a lot of witnesses to interview.”

Knight said more arrests are possible as the investigation continues.