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UPDATE (9:30 p.m.): In addition to the two people who were killed by the Madill tornado Wednesday, another person was critically injured, according to Marshall County Emergency Management.

An Emergency Management official said the injured individual is in critical condition.

The official also said that one of the two people who died was fatally injured by the tornado while at J & I Manufacturing, 16967 OK-99C, and the other person who died was on the side of the road near J & I.

The official said Madill, a town with a population slightly over 4,000, currently does not have electrical power, but OG&E is working to restore power.

Matthew and Tylynn Anderson provided News 4 the following video of the tornado as it struck Madill:

UPDATE: An official with Marshall County Emergency Management has confirmed that two people were killed by a tornado in Madill on Wednesday afternoon.

Earlier reports stated that one person was killed by the tornado.

Original Story

MADILL, Okla. (KFOR) – A person has died as a result of the tornado in Madill, according to Marshall County Emergency Management.

The tornado touched down in Madill, but the storms have left the area.

The tornado went directly through Madill from west-southwest to east-northeast and caused extensive damage.

News 4 initially received reports that the tornado damaged the Walmart in Madill, but News 4 has since learned that the store was not damaged.

News 4 has received reports that J & I Manufacturing on the southwestern edge of Madill was hit hard by the tornado.

Several Madill residents took to Twitter to post photos and videos that they took of the tornado.

Storms are now east of Madill, pushing to the east at 30-35 miles per hour.

KFOR Chief Meteorologist Mike Morgan said there was also a tornado in Springer, Okla., at around 4:20 p.m., and KFOR’S 4 Warn Storm Team chased a tornado in Wynnewood, Okla.

Several parts of Oklahoma were on high alert Wednesday afternoon, placed under both Tornado Warnings and Severe Thunderstorm Warnings.

The National Weather Service in Norman posted at 5:10 p.m. radar footage of four tornado warnings in effect across Southern Oklahoma and North Texas.

Tornado warnings were issued for several areas, including Garvin, Pontotoc, Murray, Marshall, Johnston, Atoka, Coal and Bryan counties.

The severe weather moved into far Southeastern Oklahoma and was pushing away.