OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahomans For Responsible Transportation gathered at the Capitol to hear from lawmakers and Attorney General Gentner Drummond about a more transparent state government.

Over the past year, residents of Norman battled against the OTA through protesting and lawsuits.

In November, the group earned a win when a judge in Cleveland County ruled the OTA had violated the Open Meetings Act.

“We haven’t won the war but we have won numerous battles and we have momentum on our side,” said Darla LeBlanc, a resident.

The result of the ruling placed construction on hold.

Speakers were at the Capitol were there from 11am-1:15pm.

The group heard from their attorney and the organizer Randy Carter.

“I don’t feel like we are fighting the courts,” said Rob Norman, an attorney with the group. “The courts have made one decision on the merits on the district level and ruled that the OTA willfully violated the Open Meetings Act.”

Even lawmakers were there to show their support.

“We’re asking for transparency. It shouldn’t be revolutionary to ask for that. It shouldn’t be revolutionary to expect that,” said Rep. Jacob Rosecrants, D-Norman.

Republican Clay Staires told the audience his job is to connect them with people and write laws to ensure them better governance.

“If those are areas that can be of help for you in your quest as you move forward with different things that are going on that is a great time to come to your representative,” said Staires, R-Skiatook.

Carter said there is legislation he is paying attention to, and its one to limit the appointment power the Governor has over the OTA. Right now, the Governor selects all six members.

“This particular is asking that the Governor keep two, two go to the President Pro Tem in the Senate, and two go to the Speaker of the House. We think that would bring more equity to the board,” said Carter.

But there was one speaker who received a standing ovation, AG Gentner Drummond.

Drummond recently requested an investigative audit on the OTA, the first in the Authority’s history.

It comes amid concerns over financial controls.

“It is no secret to government officials that my administration stands for openness and transparency and that’s what I believe you are seeking,” said Drummond, Monday to the crowd.