FOREST PARK, Okla. (KFOR) – Investigators desperately need your help to find a missing 40-year-old man from Forest Park. The Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation told us Jeremy Reagan was last seen 38 days ago and they may not be able to solve this case without the public’s help.

“This happens to be one of those cases where the public may be our best help in the situation,” said Brook Arbeitman, spokeswoman for OSBI.

40-year-old Jeremy Reagan, a father of six, has been missing for more than five weeks.

Jeremy Reagan. Image courtesy OSBI.

“At this point in time, I would say that all possibilities are on the table since we haven’t located him,” Arbeitman said.

Reagan was last seen at his home on the 3100 block of Forest Park Terrace in Forest Park on August 27. 

When he didn’t return by the next day, his family filed a missing persons report with the Forest Park Police Department.

Hours later, Reagan’s truck — Silver 2011 Nissan Frontier — was located by an Oklahoma State Game Warden at the Lexington Wildlife Management Area. The Game Warden and the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office conducted an extensive search of the area between August 28-31, and Reagan was not located.

Jeremy Reagan’s truck. Image courtesy OSBI.

His sister Amber Halzle said his truck is the only piece of evidence they have.

“I know that the wildlife management area is over 10,000 acres,” she said. “It is a lot of land, but people don’t just disappear like that in the woods.”

Loved ones are passing out and posting hundreds of missing person fliers.

Halzle said Reagan may have gone to the hunting area to cool his head after an argument with family, but said it’s unlike him to stay out of touch for any extended period of time.

“I try to hold hope a lot that he’s just out there and he’s okay, but the further it gets out, the harder it is to hold on to that nothing’s wrong with him,” she said. “You try not to go to the negative. So, it is it’s just a roller coaster of emotions. It’s very hard. He’s just the best. I don’t know how to put it into words sometimes because it makes me cry.”

Anyone with tips is asked to contact OSBI.