WEATHERFORD, Okla. (KFOR) – The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has released the name of the man killed in Friday morning’s police chase-turned-deadly shootout in Western Oklahoma.

It all started the morning of Sept. 16 when the suspect – now identified as 39-year-old Colby Archer – drove to Thurmond-McGlothlin, a local natural gas measurement company in Weatherford, and threatened an employee with a gun.

Thurmond-McGlothlin’s division manager, Clay Mol told KFOR that Archer showed up in his white pickup truck and asked for an application.

“When he pulled up, he was being real aggressive and cursing at the guys and was asking for an application,” said Mol.

Mol said when the employee told him they weren’t hiring right now, he pulled a gun on him.  

“That’s when he pulled the gun out and they backed up, backed away. And that’s when he drove off,” said Mol. 

The business called authorities, and police were able to locate Archer in his white pickup truck and attempted a traffic stop.

Archer did stop but pointed a gun at police officers. No shots were fired by either parties at the time and police backed away. 

He then barricaded in his truck before taking off. 

“He got back in his vehicle and drove in different parts of the town and stopped a couple of times, brandished the weapon both times. We, the officers, felt that he was a threat to the community and to the officers. They still were giving him enough room to maybe he would give up… He pointed the gun at the officers. They backed up to cover and tried to talk him down from what he was doing,” said Louis Flowers, Weatherford Police Chief.

This then lead to a short chase.

Near the intersection of Eads and S. Washington, Archer pulled over and fired shots at officers.

The shots were returned, and Archer was killed.

OSBI officials say one Trooper was treated for minor injuries at the hospital; no bystanders were injured.

The investigation is ongoing.