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GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – A deadly shooting occurred early Friday morning just north of the metro. A homeowner opened fire on an intruder inside his home and now the search is on for at least one other suspect who got away.

“Where are you at right now?” said the 911 dispatcher.

“I’m hunkered down in the living room,” the homeowner said.

“What’s going on?” the 911 dispatcher said.

“Burglary. A person has been shot,” said the homeowner. “Oh my God.”

This call came into Logan County dispatch early Friday morning.

“Can you hurry?” said the homeowner.

“Yes sir. I’ve got people headed that way already,” the 911 dispatcher said.

The homeowner called for help, saying more than one person had broken into his home and that he opened fire on the intruders.

“I shot the other person,” said the homeowner.

“Where did you shoot one of the burglars?” said the 911 dispatcher.

“I think the upper right shoulder,” said the homeowner.

“Where in the house did you shoot them?” said the 911 dispatcher.

“Living room,” said the homeowner.

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A Guthrie-area burglary ended with one of the two suspects shot and killed.

The shooting happened at a rural Logan County home just southwest of Guthrie.

“The homeowner reported there were multiple people. At least two, maybe three, that he could hear in his home,” said Brook Arbeitman, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

“He retrieved his gun and fired his weapon at the intruders. It was 2:30. It was dark. As soon as he fired his gun, he called 911 to report the incident.”

The gunfire struck one woman who was pronounced dead at the scene.

A nearby neighbor told KFOR the owner had noticed things missing from the house and chose to stay the night.

The 911 call confirmed previous burglaries.

“They’ve pilfered this place numerous times, stealing everything, everything I’ve got,” said the homeowner.

Items were left lying in the grass outside the home, including a small dirt bike by the road, believed to be left by one of the burglars.

OSBI is leading the investigation, still searching for the others involved.

“Nobody is in custody at this point,” Arbeitman said.

OSBI officials tell us they are working to identify the woman’s next of kin. Her name hasn’t been released to us yet.