TUTTLE, Okla. (KFOR) – The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said they are looking into a “shooting” Friday at a Tuttle home. We know that two people inside the home are dead.

Sources tell KFOR it was a murder-suicide, bringing a sad situation to the family of the older couple that lived in the home there. Neighbors said the couple were incredibly nice people.

“When we first moved in, they came and introduced their selves and so, my husband usually talked to the husband a lot,” said Andrea Wellman, a neighbor across the street from the couple’s home. “They were just very nice.”

With this knowledge of her neighbors, Wellman said what she saw out her window around 8:30 Friday morning was the last thing she expected.

“There was just police cars everywhere,” Wellman said. “I just heard the helicopters and everything flying over.”

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OSBI is investigating a shooting at a Tuttle home. Image KFOR

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said in a statement that they were requested by the Grady County Sheriff’s Office to assist in a “shooting investigation.” They also said it’s very early on in the investigation, but there is no threat to the public.

“I just didn’t know what was going on because nothing like that ever happens around here,” Wellman said. “It’s very quiet, so I was scared.”

Other sources outside of Wellman told KFOR it was a murder suicide from a couple who were married for 53 years. It would have been 54 years in August. Wellman said she only knew a mid to late 70-year-old couple lived there with their son and his wife. Wellman said her son would sometimes mow their lawn for them, while her husband would help them with other things.

“I think it was just something that you don’t really think would ever happen, especially over there,” Wellman said. “They were just a very nice couple, took care of their house and just quiet and helpful.”

Wellman also acknowledged that the neighbors are also a tightknit group, making it more surprising to her. The couple’s names have not been released. We will bring you more information as the investigation develops.