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UPDATE: Officials say Vernon has been found safe.

SULPHUR, Okla. (KFOR) – The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is now leading the search for a Sulphur woman who has been missing since late November.

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Vicky Vernon

Family members say 49-year-old Vicky Vernon got in a car wreck on November 29 and has not been heard from since that day. OSBI says she was last seen on 12th and Atoka Street in Sulphur. Her brother, Wayne Baker, says she went to the hospital after the crash as a precaution. After she was discharged, she seemingly disappeared.

Baker adds she has a history of suicidal thoughts and mental illness, and they’re starting to fear the worst.

“For the last 15 years, we’ve worked together, every day side by side,” he said.

“We’re really scared because she was scared that she killed somebody. She didn’t know that the young man is doing good and she doesn’t know that as far as we know.”

Her daughter, Spirit Box, says they usually talk every day, but she suddenly stopped hearing from her mother. Both family members say her boyfriend was the last to see her.

“He basically told me that she had left,” she said. “She had packed a bag and left, and that she had his firearm on her.”

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Vicky Vernon

OSBI has not confirmed this information, but they told KFOR they took the lead on this case Thursday afternoon. Before that, local authorities held searches around the Sulphur area, specifically at a local park that family members say Vernon frequented.

“Oklahoma rescue came down and they searched last Sunday with dogs and they didn’t get any hits,” Brady said.

Both family members are now pleading with the public to help bring their loved one home.

“We’re all tore and it’s hard, it’s hard just the not knowing,” Brady said. “We just need information. We need help from the people out there.”

Box ended with a message for her mother.

“Mom, if you see this, I love you, your grandbabies love you. Just please come home.”

Anyone with information on Vernon’s whereabouts can contact OSBI by dialing (800) 522-8017.