OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – What began as a stakeout for one wanted man, led to the arrest of two others in an unexpected turn of events for the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office Tuesday afternoon. 

“It’s very difficult oftentimes to track these people down. People who have warrants, they’ll shift from place to place,” said Deputy Aaron Brilbeck with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO). “It’s not every day and honestly, it’s kind of refreshing when the bad guy pulls up right next to you and not only basically gives himself up but gives up one of his buddies.”

Just before 3 p.m., an OCSO deputy was sitting in an unmarked car outside a home in the 5300 Block of South Douglas Avenue. 

“A pickup truck pulls up next to them. They kind of make eye contact and the pickup truck takes off,” said Brilbeck. “The guy was driving very erratically through a neighborhood, speeding, going through stop signs, going through a stoplight. At one point, we finally caught up to him.”

The driver, now identified as Richard Rogers, then bailed out the truck and led police into a home on South Harvey Court, according to Brilbeck. 

“Our deputies, along with police, surrounded that home, ordered everybody out and caught this guy,” said Brilbeck. “Turns out that he had several warrants out for his arrest, for driving in a stolen vehicle and for surprise, eluding police officers.” 

Authorities also found Brandon Leeper hiding in a compartment under a bed inside the house. 

Brilbeck says Leeper was wanted out of Canadian County. However, it is not clear for what charges. 

According to the Oklahoma County Detention Center’s website, Rogers’ bond is currently set at $1,000 and Leeper is being held without bond. 

“So, while we didn’t get the person that we were looking for initially, we wound up getting two other bad guys off the streets,” said Brilbeck.