OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association (OSSAA) has released its name, image and likeness (NIL) guidelines for high school student athletes following last year’s revision of the state’s Uniform Athlete Agents Act.

In May 2021, Gov. Stitt signed the Revised Uniform Athlete Agents Act to expand the definition of student athlete and athletic agent to allow high school and college student athletes to profit from their name, image and likeness.

Now, the OSSAA has released guidelines for those student athletes to help them navigate this new opportunity.

The bill does come with restrictions.

For instance, school logos or apparel can’t be used in the endorsements. A player can’t use any product that conflicts with a school’s policy or involves sports wagering or banned substances. Players also must notify their schools of any contracts they sign.

The NCAA also decided in 2021 to suspend restrictions on payments to athletes for things such as sponsorship deals, online endorsements and personal appearances applies to all three divisions (some 460,000 athletes).

The NCAA wants to have federal laws or its own permanent rules regarding NIL, but was forced to seek a temporary solution rather than have athletes in some states eligible for compensation while others were not.

NIL platform Opendorse estimated about $917 million was spent in the first year of the college sports’ NIL era.