STILLWATER, Okla. (KFOR) — Security has been heightened at Oklahoma State University this week following reports of racial slurs made to some students.

The students News 4 spoke with said the comments were made to them on Monday night, after leaving a meeting with a student group about bringing awareness to multicultural organizations and the issues they may face on campus.

“They just came by and say ‘you F-ing N word’ and it just…it did take us by surprise because it was our first time ever experiencing something like that,” said Diamond, one of the students involved.

Those are just some of the words Diamond said she heard when she and her friends were walking to their car and a group of men in a silver truck drove by, hurling the insults at them.

“This past week has been very difficult. I’ve been going through a wide range of emotions, feelings, all of it. And, the day, like when it happened, I was just shocked. We all just looked at each other and was our mouths just fell to the floor,” said Malese, another student involved.

The students were leaving a meeting with OK State Stand United, a group on campus they said promotes diversity, inclusion and leadership.

The president of the group said she’s never seen anything like this at OSU.

“My four years that I’ve been here, I personally have never experienced anything like this. I would never think going to Oklahoma State anything like this would happen,” said Azariah Lang, the President of OK State Stand United.

The students said they’re now learning they aren’t alone.

“We’ve been having a lot of people coming forward and saying that the same thing has happened to them,” said Diamond.

OSU sent News 4 a statement.

Oklahoma state university is committed to ensuring our campus is a place where everyone feels welcome. The university condemns all forms of racism. This type of behavior is inconsistent with the cowboy community standards. 

We encourage any student who has experienced this type of behavior to report it to the OSU Police Department. Students can contact the police department by phone (405-744-6523) or use the Rave guardian app to chat directly with dispatchers.

OSUPD has implemented extra patrols and is encouraging anyone — even individuals who simply witnessed an event — to report it. 

Oklahoma State University

“The more reports we get out there and the more we make, we bring awareness to this issue. Hopefully we can be able to narrow down who it is, stop it, and then prevent it from happening again at Oklahoma State,” said Lang.