STILLWATER, Okla. — OSU football fans are ready for the season to begin, and the university has some upgrades to improve the experience for fans.

We are still a couple weeks out from opening night in Boone Pickens Stadium, but students are already bringing game day energy. With some improvements going into this season, the experience will be like no other.

“At the end of the day my pistol is still going to be firing, go freaking Pokes baby,” student Aaron McDonald said.

Students were walking around campus in their orange and black, getting ready for school to start, and football to begin.

“I enjoy the atmosphere of OSU because everybody gets super hyped and that is infectious and amazing and everybody is super happy and excited and just ready to go,” student Rachel Thibodeau said.

“I’m ready to get in and get loud,” student Bella Thompson said.

While OSU has a tradition like no other, there will be changes made to this football season. For example, a shuttle to the game, tailgating areas, improved seating and even an app where you can order food and drinks from the concession and have it delivered to your seat.

“That’s actually crazy,” McDonald said. “So I love to hear that.”

Yeah, that’s the first thing like that, because you get up, you lose your seats because if you’re on that front row like us, everyone wants your seat,” student Katie Floyd said.

Some feel like it could raise issues within the stadium.

“I think that’ll be really interesting and probably really nice for the consumer side,” Thibodeau said. “However, logistically, I feel like there’s going to be some very interesting hiccups that will probably happen within the first year and it’ll be interesting to see what those are and how people plan on overcoming them.”

Whether there are hiccups or not for these first year changes, the fan base remains loyal and true.

“I just bleed orange and black, go Pokes baby,” Thompson said.

The changes will be implemented starting the first game of the year, which is September 2, where they will host Central Arkansas at 6 p.m.