OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – You will soon be able to travel on all Oklahoma turnpikes without worrying about having exact change.

On Tuesday, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority Board approved a measure that gives the agency up to $10.5 million in general funds toward the purchase of hardware needed to convert the rest of the turnpikes to cashless tolling.

“The transition to cashless tolling is a major area of emphasis for the safety of the traveling public,” Secretary of Transportation and OTA Executive Director Tim Gatz said. “We’ve seen some significant near misses and hits on toll booths with our employees inside, reminding us it was time to take advantage of new technology.”

Organizers say PlatePay creates a free-flow of traffic by using cameras to take a photo of a vehicle’s license plate and enable the OTA to send the registered owner an invoice.

Drivers without Pikepass will receive a bill in the mail, while Pikepass customers will not see a change.

The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority plans to have all turnpikes in the state converted to PlatePay by the end of 2024.