OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — The last Bedlam rivalry game had several fans making some outrageous bets. Some OU fans lost the bet after their team was defeated by OSU over the weekend. 

This was the last Bedlam game, so football fans were not messing around when it came to placing bets.

Cowboys fans were confident in their team and went big placing bets with Sooners fans.

Bets ranged everywhere from standing out on the street wearing OSU gear to OU fans having to get a permanent tattoo on their body. 

High school buddies, Tadd Tompkins and Darren Sloan, placed their bets on the Bedlam winner. 

“Most people were really serious. You know, they pull up and said ‘Have you ever won a game before? Why don’t you people go home?’ They didn’t realize I’ve lost the bet. They thought I was out there to celebrate,” said Tadd Tompkins, lost Bedlam bet.  

Man stands on street corner with OSU flag and sign that says 'bedlam bet gone wrong'
Tadd Tompkins. Image courtesy Lisa Sloan.

Sloan said for the last 12 years he’s placed this bet with friends. The winner has to pay for the supplies and gets to choose what the loser wears. The loser has to stand at 14th and Hartford in Ponca City on Sunday, the day after the game, for one hour, wearing gear of the winning Bedlam team. 

“We made sure that, you know, we get all the church traffic when they’re coming back out of church,” said Darren Sloan, won Bedlam bet. 

The tradition is so popular that this year, OSU fullback Braden Cassidy let Tompkins wear his jersey for the ‘walk of shame.’

“He’s a great guy. I like watching him play football, so that was really cool. It kind of softens the blow a little on this,” said Tompkins.

Sloan said this is something the community looks forward to each year. 

“People all over the community bring gear, you know, and they just kind of contribute… It’s kind of sad to think like this is the last one. I think it’s sad because I think the entire community has a really good time with it,” said Sloan. 

In Enid, two friends placed the ultimate bet: a permanent tattoo of the winner’s choice.  

“It is going to be an OSU tattoo… I was just honestly googling a bunch of different like OSU-type pictures and things like that and I might just combine a couple of them together,” said Samantha Lovely, won Bedlam bet.  

The bet was made at halftime and the two agreed the tattoo cannot be bigger than half a dollar. 

“I can’t see it till the day of, I can’t even see what it looks like… But I decided where I’m going to put it… On my rear end,” said Rachel Scott, lost Bedlam bet. 

Although Rachel Scott lost the bet, she has no regrets and is still a diehard OU fan. 

“I still love my Sooners… I’m still going to support them from here on out. Yeah, it sucks, but I made bet and I’m going to own up to my word,” said Scott.  

Scott is getting her tattoo this weekend. Lovely said she is not sure what OSU tattoo she will be picking out yet, but it will be something they never forget.