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NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – Officials at the University of Oklahoma say a fraternity and a sorority are under investigation for separate incidents.

Last week, the OU Delta Gamma chapter was placed on limited status after hazing allegations came to light.

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Delta Gamma

University officials have not released details on what happened but did release the following statement:

“The university was recently made aware of an assessment completed by Delta Gamma international executive office. Due to the assessment’s findings, the Delta Gamma international executive office has placed the OU Delta Gamma chapter on limited status.

The allegations are under review by OU Fraternity and Sorority Programs and Services and the Office of Student Conduct. The university is working closely with Delta Gamma to conduct an investigation. Upon the conclusion of the investigation, the university will address the matter as appropriate.”


Now, officials say a fraternity at OU is also facing disciplinary action.

Authorities with the University of Oklahoma told KFOR that the OU Delta Upsilon chapter was placed on emergency suspension.

“The university was recently made aware of two OU chapters that are facing disciplinary action. The OU Delta Gamma chapter has been placed on limited status and the OU Delta Upsilon chapter has been placed on emergency suspension, both by their respective international executive offices.

OU Fraternity and Sorority Programs and Services and the Office of Student Conduct are reviewing the reports, and the university is working closely with Delta Gamma and Delta Upsilon to conduct two separate and unrelated investigations. Upon the conclusion of the investigations, the university will handle as appropriate.”

Statement from the University of Oklahoma

Officials with the Delta Upsilon International Fraternity said the chapter is under emergency suspension after it possibly violated fraternity policy.

“Delta Upsilon International Fraternity placed our Oklahoma Chapter on emergency suspension on Wednesday, Dec. 1, after receiving reports the chapter may be in violation of Fraternity policy. The emergency suspension temporarily pauses all chapter activities while policy violation allegations are investigated. Findings from the investigation will determine if the emergency suspension should be lifted or if disciplinary action is needed for the chapter or individual members.”

Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Executive Director Justin Kirk

Currently, the chapter has 101 members.

At this point, fraternity members living in the house will continue to do so.

Officials also pointed out that the policy violations related to the Delta Upsilon chapter is unrelated to the allegations against the Delta Gamma sorority.