OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A new initiative hopes a love of sports will lead to a love of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

It’s one that’s bringing Sooners and Cowboys together to educate the athletes and STEM professionals of the future together.

“I think for some of these kids, it’s like ‘whoa, I just gripped it and ripped it,’ which that’s what I did,” said former OSU Quarterback Brandon Weeden. “I never thought of the biomechanics of throwing but that’s where we’re at.”

Weeden is among several former and current student athletes who are lending their time and talents to teach the game and something they never expected- science.

“No, teacher in general, no,” Weeden said. “Science teacher, definitely not.”

It’s all part of an initiative with Devon Energy called “SportsLabs.”

Before kickoff, tipoff and first pitch for the Sooners and Cowboys, you can catch these mini SportsLabs at fan fests.

Half-day sessions will be held post-season for a variety of sports.

“Sports Labs is a way to expose kids to STEM concepts, science, technology, engineering, mathematics through sports,” said David Harris, Executive Vice President of Devon Energy. “It’s an important issue for the state and to be able to expose all kids to these concepts, including those who may be more inclined to pick up a ball than a calculator, we’re really excited about.”

“We’re talking about base running, spin rate of balls when it comes to hitting,” said National Champion OU Softball Player Rylie Boone. “Just the science behind the basic launch path of your bat and everything like that.”

From the diamond to the gridiron, these athletes say STEM is becoming a big part of sports and this is a good way to get excited about both.

“You look at baseball and its spin rate, all these different sports are becoming very numbers-driven so it’s cool to be out here with the kids and we’re having a lot of fun,” said Weeden. 

SportsLabs will also be traveling the state throughout the year to expose more students to the science of sports.

For more information, visit SoonerSports.com/SportsLabOKState.com/SportsLab and EngageLearning.org