NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – You’ve heard for a while now that the University of Oklahoma plans to tear down its old freshman dorm towers and build a new freshman housing complex.

Now, the first phase of that massive project is finally underway and students say they’re already feeling parking pains.

“I think it’s great. It’s a pretty campus. There might be some improvements, but overall, it’s a great campus,” said Beca Centeno

Centeno is a Texas native and moved to Oklahoma from Dallas to attend college. The second-semester freshman enjoys the OU campus, but she said it’s difficult when it comes to parking. 

“Getting to class is heinous,” said Centeno. “If you drive, like, you might as well just walk because you’re not going to find parking.” 

Centeno told KFOR she and her roommates typically spend more than 30 minutes trying to find parking spaces.

Finding parking spots will get more challenging now that the initial construction phase of OU’s first-year housing master plan is underway.

Adams Center will be the first tower to be torn down.

Starting Monday, March 13, parking near the dorm and surrounding areas will be shut off due to construction before the demolition.

“I have a lot of friends that live in the towers, and my sister had a lot of friends that lived in Adams. So you hear a few stories about it,” said Centeno.

“So I think everyone’s excited to try to get rid of those.” 

OU’s president has requested the Board of Regents authorize $195 million for phase one of the plan, which includes tearing down and rebuilding. 

Eventually, Adams, Walker, and Couch Towers will be replaced with a brand-new freshman housing complex.  

“There are very old buildings. I live in Walker, and it’s not horrible, but, you know, it obviously could be better,” said Garrett Mitchell.  

“You had to lose some to win some,” said Centeno. 

The Board of Regents approved the demolition of Adams Center in January, which will take place this coming May. OU students can find additional parking in both the Jenkins and Timberdell parking facilities.