OKLAHOMA COUNTY (KFOR) — Weeds and trees are growing over the road in one part of Oklahoma County on SE 44th Street near Anderson and Hiwassee, just outside Choctaw and Midwest City. One resident said he’s been trying to get the vegetation trimmed for years.

“So I usually travel on 44th, but the trees and the weeds are growing at the end of the street. And if you pass another car, you may scrape the side of your car going through there,” said Willard Boone, a concerned neighbor.

Boone said he’s worried the road might be unsafe for drivers.

“Well, like, if the garbage truck’s there, Cox is there or any of the repair deal. You’re very crowded this year and you’ve got to go around them. So it makes it a little dangerous to me. It’s a safety hazard for everybody,” said Boone.

This isn’t the first time Boone has tried to get the situation fixed. Last year, he emailed his councilmember in Ward 4, but did not hear back.

“I’ve tried to make contact with the city for about two or three years now. So it’s been an ongoing process,” said Boone.

News 4 called the city for a response and within hours they set up a request for the Parks Department to mow certain parts of the road.

“Out there it’s zoned agricultural. So our code enforcement crews, you know, can’t enforce high grass and weeds. So we’re going to see if our crews can get out there and remove those few directions from the property,” Zach Nash, the Communications and Engagement Manager for Oklahoma City.

“We need to have that cleared back. And besides that, you don’t want to tear up a new car. It’ll sure scratch it,” said Boone.

News 4 also traveled north to an area near Luther and Arcadia on Indian Meridian road. There was a lot of tall grass on both sides of the road there, too.

Commissioner Myles Davidson sent a statement addressing that part of town.

We are committed to a proactive approach in upkeeping this area of Oklahoma County and addressing issues to maintain overall quality and appearance. Our team of professionals is dedicated to ensure that the area remains safe, clean, and aesthetically pleasing. We encourage community involvement and input to help make decisions regarding the maintenance and improvements of all public spaces.

Commissioner Myles Davidson, District 3