OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A New Year’s overnight a shooting in Midtown has left one person dead and three others injured in Northwest Oklahoma City. 

New Year’s Eve celebrations brought thousands into downtown Oklahoma City Saturday night. The deadly shooting happened just after midnight in the shared parking lot behind Fassler Hall. Police are now piecing together what happened.  

“Dispatch received 911 calls to gunshots fired here in the area at these clubs behind me here at Northwest 10th and Hudson… When officers arrived, it was chaotic scene, as you can imagine. And they determined that they had one deceased male. And through the very initial stages of this, it was learned that three other individuals were shot with various gunshot wounds,” said Sergeant Rob Robertson, Oklahoma City Police Department.  

Those three individuals were rushed to area hospitals and their conditions remain unknown at this time. 

“We don’t know how many shots were fired. We don’t know how many people were there. Apparently, it occurred in the parking lot that these businesses here behind me share,” said Robertson.  

Police said they are looking for a potential suspect and are also investigating what lead up to the shooting. 

“Nobody is in custody at this time. We don’t have any suspect information yet. Our homicide investigators are on their way, and they’ll be working through the night, you know, with the beginning stages of this investigation,” said Robertson.  

Two Oklahoma City friends told KFOR they were in the area at the time of the shooting. 

“I was just on the scene drinking at Collective and Sin City and came over and the whole area filled with cops, like 40, 30 cars. And then we heard shots. At first, I thought it was fireworks and then they had everything shut down instantly,” said Kylan Mace, in the area the time of the shooting,” said Kylan Mace, in the area the time of the shooting.  

Kylan Mace said he heard six to seven gunshots and police got to the scene quickly. 

“I drove off because they had everything blocked off. So as soon as we could, we just left,” said Mace.  

His friend Tomas Santana also heard the chaos.  

“I was just out. Just having fun, enjoying the New Year celebration, and then, it got crazy out here. I thought it was fireworks, but it was shots, and it’s wild. Absolutely wild,” said Tomas Santana.  

He then quickly realized it was shots fired. 

“It literally had just turned the new year, like, you know, 12 and everything. And then people were just running around. So, everybody was like celebrating. But then people were also running like scared. And so, it was kind of a lot of chaos,” said Santana.  

According to Fassler Halls Facebook page, they planned to be open New Year’s day from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. But when a KFOR team was there between that time, their signs said they were closed.  

Police are still searching for the suspect.   

If you know who it may be or have any information, please submit a tip to Crime Stoppers, or call (405)235-7300.    

Your anonymous tips could earn you up to $1,000.