OKLAHOMA (KFOR) — It’s almost time for game day! University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University tailgaters have been preparing for weeks in anticipation of both home games on Saturday.

For some Sooner fans, this is the first year they’re spending the night and tailgating at OU.

“It’s exciting, we’ve gone to a lot of sporting events, we’ve never done the overnight in the RV thing, so this is a new experience and it’s gonna be exciting for the whole season,” said Lisa and Rich Cassidy, OU fans.

Others say this has been a tradition for more than 13 years.

OU overnight tailgaters set up for game day, Courtesy: KFOR

“This is the only way to tailgate, it’s the best way to do it…it’s fun! You’re either an “RVer” or you’re not, there’s no in-between…and being a Sooner fan helps,” said David and Susie Sheridan, OU fans.

Some Cowboy fans say, this isn’t their first rodeo.

“All of the people here on the west end of the RV park have been here for 20 years, said Terry Bentley, an OSU fan.

“We have watched their children when their itty bitty on tricycles and now they have gone through OSU and are graduated and bringing their babies now,” said Bentley.

So what kind of preparation goes into overnight tailgating for the season?

“We wanna make sure we have our generators and the generators are running and that we have plenty of fuel…and make sure we have our tickets and that we didn’t leave the tickets at home…we live in East Texas so we’d have to drive a long way home to get them,” said Jeff Lewis, an OU fan.

“Earlier in the week, we got our motor home loaded with clothes, food, alcohol, our golf cart, we had to prepare for a three month stay down here…tables, chairs…TVs…it makes it a little more challenging for us, but if we forget something, there’s a Walmart over there hahaha,” said Bill Flessner and Suzanne Giacometti, OSU fans.

While OU and OSU are playing out-of-state teams on Saturday…fans say the rivalry within the state isn’t over.

OU takes the field at 11 a.m. against Arkansas State. OSU plays Central Arkansas at 6 p.m. Saturday night.