NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – A beloved baker mysteriously died in the Cleveland County Detention Center, and now the community is looking for answers.

Shannon Hanchett was the owner of Okie Baking Co., also known as the “Cookie Cottage” on Main St.

“She just was a pillar of our community,” said Bethney Grove, a friend and fellow baker.

Hanchett was arrested by Norman Police on November 26.

Police were called to a store in Norman where Hanchett was “exhibiting behavior that was consistent with some type of mental health disorder.”

An officer said she began calling 911, even though there was no emergency.

He informed her to stop but she continued. At one point he told her she was to be arrested and Hanchett refused.

The owner of “Cookie Cottage” was arrested for “Misuse of 9-1-1” and “Obstruction of Officer.”

For two weeks, she sat in the Cleveland County Detention Center on a $1,000 bond.

But early Thursday morning, detention officers discovered Hanchett unconscious and not breathing in her cell.

“To hear that she was no longer with us was devastating and a surprise and just not what we were expecting,” said Grove.

OSBI and Cleveland County are now investigating how she died.

Bethney Grove is the owner of another bakery in Norman and said Hanchett had an amazing spirit.

“She made herself into this cookie cottage and had just celebrated her first year and made her dreams come true and was helping me make mine come true,” said Grove. “I’m so sad that she won’t be here to see that happen.”

Outside of her cottage Friday, friends and loyal customers came by to show their support.

“Everything she made was great,” said Kyle McBride, who stopped to buy baked goods but quickly learned of her death. “There wasn’t a single cookie she made that we didn’t like.”

There will be a memorial on Monday at 7pm outside the cottage.